Nail Ideas

Hello guys!
I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time. We’re moving so its been pretty busy as usual. So, I’m going to be giving you a quick but fun post. Its nail ideas I got from pinterest!

I know that some of you probably seen these, but have you tried them yet?

This post should keep you busy until the next one.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and I hope you try at least one! ;p




















I hoped you like this post! I’m so sorry that most of mine are usually rushed! Once I’m done moving, I’ll take my time do you all enjoy it more!




Writer’s Block


So, I caught a horrible case of writer’s block, and you know what I decided to do, write a poem about how you feel when you’ve got writers block. Yes, I had writer’s block, and I decided to try and write a poem. Smart idea, right? Anyway, the poem is only how you feel when you’ve got writers block , not the actual truth of writer’s block. Well, here’s the poem! I hope you get a laugh out of it!

I hate writer’s block.
imagination cannot be contacted,
when you come down with the disease.
Oh yes, I hate it even more than I hate small talk.

Small talk at least has rules,
you speak of weather and such.
To think you can escape writer’s block
you must be a fool

oh yes, I truly hate writer’s block
it gets caught in your brain
it stinks more than unclean socks

At least, that sock, can be washed
But what about my brain?
You think, pretty soon, it will be squashed

oh, but such thoughts are lies
Can I not stress it more?
when you have writer’s block, you may as well give your writing to the flies



Do any of you ever feel that way? I’m glad I could share this poem like thing with you!

Have a great day, week, month. year and life!

Love                                                                                                                                                  ~Emma





Kate Gold, a girl filled with ideas.

Hello! So today we have a special treat for you! We have a guest poster today, by the name of Kate Gold! We decided the best, and easiest thing to do would be to get Kate to answer some questions!  Here is a link to her blog! majesticgoldenrose. Be sure to check it out.
1. When did you start your blog?
December 2013
2. Why did you start your blog?
I was sending way too many group emails, mostly personal and humorous, to a small community and wanted the organization of a blog. I love having an online presence and being able to express myself through writing even still.
3. How old are you?
16. I am a junior
4. What are some of your hobbies?
I spend my time reading, blogging, crocheting, um sleeping, and watching debates and documentaries on YouTube.
5. What inspires you?
My faith is inspirational, I would go so far to say the Holy Spirit working to change my heart motivates and encourages me. Also friends, see below.
6. What is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
I went to Costa Rica in November, and after school we could surf, kayak to an island, go ziplining, swim, etc. Fun, fun fun!! I miss the warm weather and the amazing culture.
7. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?
Um middle school had some rough years with just lots of pain and heartache. *hugs* to anyone who’s been there 🙂
8. What is your favorite book?
I have a short list of my fav’s here, but I havent ever been able to pick one.
9. What is your favorite song?
Lately I have been loving this one:
10.Who is someone that inspires you?
My friend Ciara is very inspirational, I owe my friend so much.
I hope you enjoyed this guest post!! We certainly enjoyed working with Kate, and we look forward to working again with her sometime!


Hello everybody!

This post is going to be a little related to a previous guest post by Becca. She had a great topic to talk about: following your dreams. I think that every person has a dream at some point in their life and want to do something about it. Like what Becca said, do it! You can think and think about it a lot, but if you really want to consider it, do it!

I know for me, I have PLENTY of dreams and I can’t decide what I want to do just yet. But I want to take my time and think about it also. I know I only started my freshman year of highschool, but I already started planning what I want to do.

I started playing guitar about two or three months ago and I LOVE it! It’s really something I love to do and I enjoy spending my time to learn more about it. So, one of my dreams is to play very well and make my own youtube channel. I’m already learning how to play stitches by Shawn Mendes. (I started learning how to play chords). So I guess it’s like a dream of being a famous singer someday. 🙂 Ok,I know that it most likely won’t happen, but it won’t hurt trying, right? 😉

Another dream was to be a teacher at an elementary school. I wanted to teach 5th graders.

Also, I always wanted to be a writer of some books. I already made four and I’m working on my fifth right now, actually.

So, if you have a dream, try and make it work out someday. Pursue in it. They’ll be many struggles and you may one day give up hope about it, but keep working hard and it will happen if God wills it. 🙂 So, answer this question: How are you going to make your dreams and ambitions happen?

I hoped you enjoy this post and remember to comment below! Also, I hope you read the quotes below and really think about it.






The story of Isabel Queen of Castile. And her husband, Ferdinand King of Aragon

HELLLLLLLO! Good day to you me chappies! So this is something I wrote for school when I was about 11, and I’ve decided to share it with you guys! Now, keep in mind I wrote it as if I was the  narrator,and with a touch of comedy. Also, it is kinda like fictional history. The note I put in this thing is most likely not at all like what it really was. it’s one of the first things I ever wrote, with some editing done to it since than. I hope you like it!

                                     The story of Isabel Queen of Castile.
                                 And her husband, Ferdinand King of Aragon
Isabel was born to John II, King of Castile and his second wife Isabella of Portugal.   She was born in the town of Madrigal de Las Altas Torres, in the year of 1451 on April 22. Life was not always as peachy for Princess Isabel as they sometimes are for other princesses. Her father died when she was only 3 years old (1454).  Since her father was no longer with them she was brought up by her mother very carefully and piously in Arevalo, until her thirteenth year. At that time her half brother king Henry IV brought her and her other brother, Alfonso, to his royal court claiming to be taking her there so that she could finish her education.  As I have well, ahem, heard gossiped about in town…. Ok, ok you got me I was the one who gossiped about it but I do not normally take part in gossip but I just wanted people to know just well, a well because ,never mind about that I will get back on track now! Well to keep Isabel and Alfonso safe from being used by the very unhappy nobles, r against him, maybe to get money or power from him, I do not really know. Have you heard of arranged marriages? Well some princesses have it hard in that area, Princess Isabel was one of those princesses (yet she overcame them!) You see when she was about 8 (in 1460) her half brother king Henry IV had offered Isabel to don Carlos, prince of Viana, the oldest son of king John II of Aragon, although King John actually wanted Isabel for his other younger son Ferdinand. They talked about this for quite some time and it probably would have gone on longer if it were not for the very sad death of king John II son Don Carlos.  Even though the poor prince Don Carlos was dead, Henry sill did not want Isabel to marry Ferdinand! In 1465 King Henry planned for an arranged marriage between Princess Isabel and Alfonso the fat of Portugal. Poor Isabel! (She is being thrown around!) But Isabel had thoughts of her own! She had fallen in love with Prince Ferdinand (and he with her) and she knew he would make a great King!
        And so for months and months (which felt like years to young Isabel and Ferdinand) secret messages in code went from her advocates to his. And yet even though they had done all this Isabel’s Foes still knew part of their plans, and decided to take any chances to keep Isabel from marrying him, they even decided to try to kidnap her! Do you want to know why they want to keep them apart? I mean Isabel and ferdinand would make everything all better right? Well that’s just it! They don’t want it to get better. You see they want the power to themselves, they know that with her brilliant mind (which her lovely blonde hair and amazing green eye matched in brilliance) is much better than King Henry’s ( her older brother) mind. So they know that Isabel and Ferdinand could take their power back. And that was not a good thing for them! So does that clear thing up a bit? I hope so! At last in the year of 1469 when Isabel was 18 and Ferdinand was 17, King Henry rode south along with his army to put down a rebellion.  Isabel had made up her mind (She seems to do that a lot, unlike other princesses) that she and Ferdinand must not wait any longer to be wed, and she sent him a letter, but somebody let the cat out of the bag, and her foes found out! They began to chase her!! Thank goodness, Friendly troops came to defend her. Alas, with them came a note from her fiancé Ferdinand that read something like this “I wish I could come to you, but I am needed in Aragon to lead the troops.” Oh, how  Isabel felt. I hope you have never and will never feel like that, If Ferdinand could not come then they would not be able to get married at all!! Horrors of horrors! She would have to marry Alfonso the fat!! (Gross) Not only was he evil, he was disgusting as well!!!! So once again Isabel had to send a letter to Ferdinand saying how distressed she was and how she needed him to come right away or they would not be able to get married, and so on and so forth. (Wish I could be more detailed but I do not know all the facts)
          So now we are going to deal with Ferdinand. When Ferdinand got her very urgent letter, he was worried (I would be to) what was he going to do!!!! He and two of his buddies got together so they could try to think of something .Ferdinand said to his friends “we are boxed in, how are to get thorough?” They could not answer that question. So they thought and thought, paced back and forth back and forth. Sat and thought some more, this went on for some time until Ferdinand had an idea! I’ve got it! We can disguise our self’s! You too can be merchants and I’ll be your donkey driver. With God’s help and some luck I think we can make it! His pals agreed!!! I think what I have to tell you well make you happy. It was a close call but it worked!!! They were able to get married!!! Love is triumphant once again!
So, what did you think? Its not the best, but I hope you liked it!
Have a wondrous day, week, month year and life!


Gratitude Tag

Shelby from Every Bit of Lovely tagged us in the Gratitude Tag and since Emma and Hannah have been busy lately, they asked me to do it.

First a big thank you to Shelby for tagging us! We love your blog! Now on to the Tag!

1. What is your favorite quote or verse that reminds you to be grateful? 

I really love the Bible verse John 3:16!!!

2. Who are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my wonderful family; my Mom and Dad, my brother and sisters, and my Grandma! I’m grateful for my friends(Hannah and Emma, this is where you guys come in!). I’m grateful for God and all the other wonderful people he has put into my life!

3. What life events are you grateful for?

This is going to sound really weird but I’m grateful for the time I almost killed myself when I was seven.

I remember coming home from the hospital and all of my siblings had little homemade presents to give to me, I remember my mom coming in at night to check on me, I remember my older sister giving up her bed so I could sleep near my mom, and I remember a bunch of the neighborhood kids coming to wave and talk to me underneath my window. I remember all the Get-Well cards people sent me. I’m grateful for this experience because it showed me how much my family and friends cared about me.

4. What is something you are grateful for but often times don’t think about?

My notebooks. I have tons of them. I use them for all different things and I know that if I didn’t have them I would miss them dreadfully!

5. What are you going to do to show people your gratitude towards them?

I’m never going to leave them behind. I have had the experience where some of my old friends moved on from me after not seeing me for a while and I was really upset about it.

I tag;

Joy from Just Joy

Clare from Clare’s Spot

Jane from The Misty Mountains

Vivian from Day-Dreamer, Night-Thinker

And Maddie from God’s Little Pencil


We just got tagged in another tag so hopefully you guys will see a new one soon!



Inspiration-Sorry, there’s no pictures!

Hello Everybody!

I’m so sorry for not posting in a very long time. About two weeks ago I think! All of us have just been so busy, we didn’t have the time to write a post. So, today I finally have a break to write something, even though I sort of need to finish the rest of my geology paper. ;p

Today, I wanted to talk about inspiration. The things and people that inspire me.

  1. MY FAMILY-They really are my greatest inspiration and I love them so much. They always encourage, and make me laugh when I’m upset about something. They’re a great example for me and I really admire how they are always cheerful.
  2. NATURE-I love going outside and looking at the trees and the plants and birds. Looking at nature inspires me to do many things, just looking at it. Even pictures of nature! I think it’s the fact that God made it and takes care of it all the time.
  3. ART-I just love art and actually painting. I look at nature for inspiration or pictures, and then I sketch and paint it. The colors and the scenarios inspire me a lot. I actually like to watch the Bob Ross TV show on the PBS channel and enjoy watching him paint those beautiful paintings of his. He makes it look very easy and says that anybody can do it.
  4. SKATERS- I really like watching skating because it really shows me that if I put a lot of practice into something, it will turn out better and better. So, when they interview the skaters in the Olympics, they usually say how much effort they put into something that they really love doing. To me, I think that’s great!

I really hope you enjoyed this short post. Hopefully I’ll be able to post next week.

Ok, about the schedules: we are very busy this time of year, so we won’t follow our schedules for posting sometimes. So, just wanted to let you all know. 🙂