I got the role!

I tried out for a play about two weeks ago, and I got who I wanted! ❤ ❤ I got a narrator. I was sooooo nervous,  I was shaking! The character I get has about 155 lines. ( I think! I counted them, but i could be totally wrong) And that is the biggest role I’ve had yet! We are making our own set too! I actually went yeasterday! It is just so amazing to be apart of such creativity and friendship. I AM kinda nervous , because I ALWAYS say half the names wrong, and I have never had to memorize so many lines before. But I got some tips from my family and friend that will help alot! But more about that later. I’ve really got to get going! I am so sorry about not posting for aggges. I hope to post more often soon!

~Love, your friend,



P.S, the play is called ‘The Merchant of Venice’




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