An Avenger, Super-hero, Jedi, Hogwarts student!

Hey!I’d first like to thank Emma for inviting me to guest post on her blog. It means a lot to me.My new blog, Geek’s Guide, is where I post news, videos, theories, photos, and basically anything you can imagine about my favorite Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pixar.Of course, I’m open to discussing more than just “Fandoms”. I love all books, of course, and if there is a certain book or movie you’d like me to post about, then I’d love to hear it! Here is my blog URL:
guest post 1

My goal is to post about twice a week. However, sometimes I might be a little busy and might fall behind. Or I might get a random inspiration and post like crazy. Either way, be sure to check in weekly.guest post 2

Thank You for reading!





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