“I hate wearing glasses!” I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this. I just recently started wearing glasses and I love them! I, actually, prefer the way I look with glasses to the way I look without them. I can’t believe that other people don’t like their’s! I have several friends who wear glasses and friends who used to wear glasses. Here is a small list of why glasses are great.



1. They make you look smarter.

Several people have told me that I look smarter with glasses. I thought this was weird so I started looking at other people wearing glasses and I realized that it’s true! People do look smarter when they are wearing glasses!


2. They are a great accessory.

A lot of times when you’re wearing glasses you tend to look more put together. Glasses are like any other thing you wear as an accessory; earrings, scarf, purse, bracelet, etc. etc. When you feel like you need more accessories, think glasses.


3. They help you see.

I know, I know, contacts also help you see so this isn’t one doesn’t really count despite being true.


4. They are just plain adorable!!!!

Glasses are cute. I don’t care what other people say. I have always found them pretty even before I found out I needed them. There’re so many different styles of glasses that no matter what shape your face is, there is bound to be a pair of glasses that will look good on you!





2 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. You’re right; there are plenty of good reasons to wear glasses. 🙂 I’ve been wearing them for over five years now. After I got over the initial “Oh no, everyone’s asking why I now wear glasses” stage which was annoying, they’ve been great!



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