Writer’s Block


So, I caught a horrible case of writer’s block, and you know what I decided to do, write a poem about how you feel when you’ve got writers block. Yes, I had writer’s block, and I decided to try and write a poem. Smart idea, right? Anyway, the poem is only how you feel when you’ve got writers block , not the actual truth of writer’s block. Well, here’s the poem! I hope you get a laugh out of it!

I hate writer’s block.
imagination cannot be contacted,
when you come down with the disease.
Oh yes, I hate it even more than I hate small talk.

Small talk at least has rules,
you speak of weather and such.
To think you can escape writer’s block
you must be a fool

oh yes, I truly hate writer’s block
it gets caught in your brain
it stinks more than unclean socks

At least, that sock, can be washed
But what about my brain?
You think, pretty soon, it will be squashed

oh, but such thoughts are lies
Can I not stress it more?
when you have writer’s block, you may as well give your writing to the flies



Do any of you ever feel that way? I’m glad I could share this poem like thing with you!

Have a great day, week, month. year and life!

Love                                                                                                                                                  ~Emma






9 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Oh, I too have written a poem about writing when I wasn’t feeling like writing! The funny thing is I virtually never write poems, except on those rare occasions when inspiration strikes. What about you – do you write poems often, or just occasionally?


    • I don’t write poems like very week, but I do write them every now and then. I’ve written 3 poems (kinda.I’m not sure if they count!) and one blank verse poem. so I guess 4 poems! I have just recently decided to write them more often! I’d love to hear your poem!



    • Thank you Lydia! I’m so glad you liked it! I think it’s gone, I was able to write some yeasterday! xD


      Sorry if our commenting system gets confusing at times! I try to use the one that says Emma, but sometimes I can’t!


  2. Aww! Thank you for that comment! I always get so happy when I know people like my writing! I’ve only backed a little, so, I wouldn’t know if I liked it or not! It sounds like fun though, you should nominate Anna or Hannah, they both bake more than I do, though I’m looking to start soon!


  3. Lol!
    That was so funny, I don’t understand what it is like to have writers block because I don’t write but I think your poem was amazing!

    Do you like baking?If so I am nominating you for my new tag, “Bakers Dozen”You don’t have to do it but it would be awesome if you could.The questions:1.what is your favourite thing to bake?2.how old were you when you first started baking?3.what is one baking gadget/tool that you CANNOT live without? 4. What is your favouriteavourite thing to bake?5. Brownies or pie?6.cupcakes or cookies?7.if you had to choose between Baking 100 pies or 1000 cupcakes which would you choose?8.what is your favourite thing to bake for breakfast?9.what is the worst/funniest kitchen mistake that has happened to you?10. Have you ever tried any french or Italian desserts? Did you like them?11.how often do you bake?12.what is your favourite cupcakes flavor?13. Favourite frosting?Please tag at least one other person by name.You can either use these questions or make up your own for them.Thank you!:-)
    Please link back to my blog too!



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