Hello everybody!

This post is going to be a little related to a previous guest post by Becca. She had a great topic to talk about: following your dreams. I think that every person has a dream at some point in their life and want to do something about it. Like what Becca said, do it! You can think and think about it a lot, but if you really want to consider it, do it!

I know for me, I have PLENTY of dreams and I can’t decide what I want to do just yet. But I want to take my time and think about it also. I know I only started my freshman year of highschool, but I already started planning what I want to do.

I started playing guitar about two or three months ago and I LOVE it! It’s really something I love to do and I enjoy spending my time to learn more about it. So, one of my dreams is to play very well and make my own youtube channel. I’m already learning how to play stitches by Shawn Mendes. (I started learning how to play chords). So I guess it’s like a dream of being a famous singer someday. 🙂 Ok,I know that it most likely won’t happen, but it won’t hurt trying, right? 😉

Another dream was to be a teacher at an elementary school. I wanted to teach 5th graders.

Also, I always wanted to be a writer of some books. I already made four and I’m working on my fifth right now, actually.

So, if you have a dream, try and make it work out someday. Pursue in it. They’ll be many struggles and you may one day give up hope about it, but keep working hard and it will happen if God wills it. 🙂 So, answer this question: How are you going to make your dreams and ambitions happen?

I hoped you enjoy this post and remember to comment below! Also, I hope you read the quotes below and really think about it.







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