The story of Isabel Queen of Castile. And her husband, Ferdinand King of Aragon

HELLLLLLLO! Good day to you me chappies! So this is something I wrote for school when I was about 11, and I’ve decided to share it with you guys! Now, keep in mind I wrote it as if I was the  narrator,and with a touch of comedy. Also, it is kinda like fictional history. The note I put in this thing is most likely not at all like what it really was. it’s one of the first things I ever wrote, with some editing done to it since than. I hope you like it!

                                     The story of Isabel Queen of Castile.
                                 And her husband, Ferdinand King of Aragon
Isabel was born to John II, King of Castile and his second wife Isabella of Portugal.   She was born in the town of Madrigal de Las Altas Torres, in the year of 1451 on April 22. Life was not always as peachy for Princess Isabel as they sometimes are for other princesses. Her father died when she was only 3 years old (1454).  Since her father was no longer with them she was brought up by her mother very carefully and piously in Arevalo, until her thirteenth year. At that time her half brother king Henry IV brought her and her other brother, Alfonso, to his royal court claiming to be taking her there so that she could finish her education.  As I have well, ahem, heard gossiped about in town…. Ok, ok you got me I was the one who gossiped about it but I do not normally take part in gossip but I just wanted people to know just well, a well because ,never mind about that I will get back on track now! Well to keep Isabel and Alfonso safe from being used by the very unhappy nobles, r against him, maybe to get money or power from him, I do not really know. Have you heard of arranged marriages? Well some princesses have it hard in that area, Princess Isabel was one of those princesses (yet she overcame them!) You see when she was about 8 (in 1460) her half brother king Henry IV had offered Isabel to don Carlos, prince of Viana, the oldest son of king John II of Aragon, although King John actually wanted Isabel for his other younger son Ferdinand. They talked about this for quite some time and it probably would have gone on longer if it were not for the very sad death of king John II son Don Carlos.  Even though the poor prince Don Carlos was dead, Henry sill did not want Isabel to marry Ferdinand! In 1465 King Henry planned for an arranged marriage between Princess Isabel and Alfonso the fat of Portugal. Poor Isabel! (She is being thrown around!) But Isabel had thoughts of her own! She had fallen in love with Prince Ferdinand (and he with her) and she knew he would make a great King!
        And so for months and months (which felt like years to young Isabel and Ferdinand) secret messages in code went from her advocates to his. And yet even though they had done all this Isabel’s Foes still knew part of their plans, and decided to take any chances to keep Isabel from marrying him, they even decided to try to kidnap her! Do you want to know why they want to keep them apart? I mean Isabel and ferdinand would make everything all better right? Well that’s just it! They don’t want it to get better. You see they want the power to themselves, they know that with her brilliant mind (which her lovely blonde hair and amazing green eye matched in brilliance) is much better than King Henry’s ( her older brother) mind. So they know that Isabel and Ferdinand could take their power back. And that was not a good thing for them! So does that clear thing up a bit? I hope so! At last in the year of 1469 when Isabel was 18 and Ferdinand was 17, King Henry rode south along with his army to put down a rebellion.  Isabel had made up her mind (She seems to do that a lot, unlike other princesses) that she and Ferdinand must not wait any longer to be wed, and she sent him a letter, but somebody let the cat out of the bag, and her foes found out! They began to chase her!! Thank goodness, Friendly troops came to defend her. Alas, with them came a note from her fiancé Ferdinand that read something like this “I wish I could come to you, but I am needed in Aragon to lead the troops.” Oh, how  Isabel felt. I hope you have never and will never feel like that, If Ferdinand could not come then they would not be able to get married at all!! Horrors of horrors! She would have to marry Alfonso the fat!! (Gross) Not only was he evil, he was disgusting as well!!!! So once again Isabel had to send a letter to Ferdinand saying how distressed she was and how she needed him to come right away or they would not be able to get married, and so on and so forth. (Wish I could be more detailed but I do not know all the facts)
          So now we are going to deal with Ferdinand. When Ferdinand got her very urgent letter, he was worried (I would be to) what was he going to do!!!! He and two of his buddies got together so they could try to think of something .Ferdinand said to his friends “we are boxed in, how are to get thorough?” They could not answer that question. So they thought and thought, paced back and forth back and forth. Sat and thought some more, this went on for some time until Ferdinand had an idea! I’ve got it! We can disguise our self’s! You too can be merchants and I’ll be your donkey driver. With God’s help and some luck I think we can make it! His pals agreed!!! I think what I have to tell you well make you happy. It was a close call but it worked!!! They were able to get married!!! Love is triumphant once again!
So, what did you think? Its not the best, but I hope you liked it!
Have a wondrous day, week, month year and life!




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