Gratitude Tag

Shelby from Every Bit of Lovely tagged us in the Gratitude Tag and since Emma and Hannah have been busy lately, they asked me to do it.

First a big thank you to Shelby for tagging us! We love your blog! Now on to the Tag!

1. What is your favorite quote or verse that reminds you to be grateful? 

I really love the Bible verse John 3:16!!!

2. Who are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my wonderful family; my Mom and Dad, my brother and sisters, and my Grandma! I’m grateful for my friends(Hannah and Emma, this is where you guys come in!). I’m grateful for God and all the other wonderful people he has put into my life!

3. What life events are you grateful for?

This is going to sound really weird but I’m grateful for the time I almost killed myself when I was seven.

I remember coming home from the hospital and all of my siblings had little homemade presents to give to me, I remember my mom coming in at night to check on me, I remember my older sister giving up her bed so I could sleep near my mom, and I remember a bunch of the neighborhood kids coming to wave and talk to me underneath my window. I remember all the Get-Well cards people sent me. I’m grateful for this experience because it showed me how much my family and friends cared about me.

4. What is something you are grateful for but often times don’t think about?

My notebooks. I have tons of them. I use them for all different things and I know that if I didn’t have them I would miss them dreadfully!

5. What are you going to do to show people your gratitude towards them?

I’m never going to leave them behind. I have had the experience where some of my old friends moved on from me after not seeing me for a while and I was really upset about it.

I tag;

Joy from Just Joy

Clare from Clare’s Spot

Jane from The Misty Mountains

Vivian from Day-Dreamer, Night-Thinker

And Maddie from God’s Little Pencil


We just got tagged in another tag so hopefully you guys will see a new one soon!




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