Inspiration-Sorry, there’s no pictures!

Hello Everybody!

I’m so sorry for not posting in a very long time. About two weeks ago I think! All of us have just been so busy, we didn’t have the time to write a post. So, today I finally have a break to write something, even though I sort of need to finish the rest of my geology paper. ;p

Today, I wanted to talk about inspiration. The things and people that inspire me.

  1. MY FAMILY-They really are my greatest inspiration and I love them so much. They always encourage, and make me laugh when I’m upset about something. They’re a great example for me and I really admire how they are always cheerful.
  2. NATURE-I love going outside and looking at the trees and the plants and birds. Looking at nature inspires me to do many things, just looking at it. Even pictures of nature! I think it’s the fact that God made it and takes care of it all the time.
  3. ART-I just love art and actually painting. I look at nature for inspiration or pictures, and then I sketch and paint it. The colors and the scenarios inspire me a lot. I actually like to watch the Bob Ross TV show on the PBS channel and enjoy watching him paint those beautiful paintings of his. He makes it look very easy and says that anybody can do it.
  4. SKATERS- I really like watching skating because it really shows me that if I put a lot of practice into something, it will turn out better and better. So, when they interview the skaters in the Olympics, they usually say how much effort they put into something that they really love doing. To me, I think that’s great!

I really hope you enjoyed this short post. Hopefully I’ll be able to post next week.

Ok, about the schedules: we are very busy this time of year, so we won’t follow our schedules for posting sometimes. So, just wanted to let you all know. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Inspiration-Sorry, there’s no pictures!

  1. I am inspired by my family and friends. They are always there for me when needed. Wishing you and yours a Happy,Healthy New Year full of blessings.



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