The place where I dream.

Hello! So I decided to show you where I dream, with eyes open, and closed. I dream when I read, and when I sleep.

Here is my bedroom! Also, there are some really, really cool pictures at the end of this, so just wait! Man you are going to love them!



I love to write by the window, I can look up at any point and look out the window, it inspires me!


Elsa did this to our door, I think it is really unique. Yes, there is a random picture of my older sister Bethany on my door… That’s totally normal! xD


People always tell me they love my windows, at first I did not agree, because the drapes would always get messed up, but they have grown on me, now I love them! they are so big, and beautiful!



Here is where my dreams happen! I read here a TON. I just love it. This is the comfiest bed I have slept on in ages !


I love the teddy bears.


Here is were Elsa, and Cici sleep. Guys, these two have the prettiest red hair!


Here is the toy and statue shelf. I kinda like how this picture blurred ever so slightly. I love all the pictures on the top.


Here is a close up, the small box at the end was made by my dad and I. I think I am going to do a Tutorial sometime on how to make one!


Here is my most beloved book shelf!! Oh, I just love it! I really like How I organized the top, I did, of course,have help from Elsa!


Here is a close up of the top! Is it not dainty? I feel so calm when I look at this picture.



Lately I have really been enjoying the Redwall series! I had been planing on reading them for ages, but things kept getting in the way, or I would find another book to read, I only started 2 weeks ago!


There they are! Different pictures of my family on my dad side! Do you see the thicker ones? Those are really old! They were taken over a hundred years ago! And the babies are adorable! Do you see the close up in the Middle of the little boy? THAT is my Dad!!!!!! My nephew Alexander LOOKS so much like my dad when he was younger! I love these so much! Every time I go threw the box, I just get sooooooo excited, but, in a quite way, and if you guys could EVER hear e specking, you would no that I am really so NOT quite!  You guys should here my dad telling us about these!!!!!! GHAAA!!!! Now, of course, I did not  show ALL of the pictures, that would take way to long for you guys to look at all of them!! Oh, also, just in case you did not notice, if you want to see the pictures up close, just click on them!!!! I WISH I COULD INVITE YOU ALL OVER<,MAKE TEA AND TELL YOU, AND SHOW YOU ALLLL THE PICTURES! Okay, okay, Emma calm down! Okay guys, I am calm again!

All Photos in this post are copied righted  by myself and my family, not for general use.

Love your friend                                                                                                                      ~Emma


P.S So we are going to be doing this a  bit differently, form Now on I will be posting on Thursdays, Anna on Sundays, and Hannah on Tuesdays! 2016 is coming up guys!!!!!! THIS SO SOOOOOO AMAZINGLY COOL,AND WEIRD!!!

Do any of you guys have old family photos? Tell me in the comments! 


2 thoughts on “The place where I dream.

  1. It’s nice to have this virtual tour of your room, Emma! I see your bookshelf has space for you to acquire some more books! (And that’s a good thing, because mine doesn’t, and the books are starting to stack up everywhere, and I’m trying to work out where I can fit a bigger bookshelf!) Those photos of your family are great! I really enjoy browsing old photos, letters, and postcards, and trying to imagine the people behind them, and what they went through.


    • Why thank you Jessica! It was fun taking the pictures! I was so glad I caught them on a sunny day!
      YESSSS! I LOVE DOING THAT! Esp with old pictures, but sometimes i find myself making up stories about random people I see on the road!




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