Favorite Memories

Over this weekend, I turned 14! Hurrah for birthdays! It was a crazy weekend with my older sister, Clara, coming back from London, my birthday, picking out a Christmas tree, and decorating the house!

I’ve had a lot of great memories over the past fourteen years. I wanted to share some of my favorite ones with you.

Favorite Memories

~Water tubing in Georgia

~Playing princess at age 4 with my older siblings

~Family vacation to Williamsburg 

~Talking until almost 3:00 with friends after a 4th of July party

~Driving over the Smoky Mountains

~Watching movies on the couch with my brother

~Moving my older sister into her college dorm 

~Brainstorming character names with Emma during play practice

~Going for a walk on the beach in St. Augustine

~Playing an extreme game of tag while visiting friends in Kansas

~Staying up until 2:00 with Hannah after Trick-or-Treating

~USO shows at my church

~Mary Poppins themed dance recital

~Photographing for my sister, Margaret’s, fashion blog(Her blog is Happy in Heels.)

~Driving through Christmas Town in wagons full of hay


What are your favorite memories?





2 thoughts on “Favorite Memories

  1. Great memories and congrats on turning 14! I have so many good memories it would be hard to choose! One would definitely be playing princess in a sweltering attic with a childhood friend. (Many, many years ago of course)



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