Where did that darn thing go??

Hello guys! I have realized that in the last couple of weeks I have neglected to say hello! Whats up with that? You dear wonderful readers deserve a proper HIYA.  ( Also, here is a hello for last week! xD)


Okay guys, so I did it.  I missed my deadline. I was so proud to have not missed it,when my super organized friends had, because usually it’s the other way around for us! In my opinion, I think this is how it would have went down; I would be miss the deadline first, then Anna, then Hannah! But strangely enough, it was Anna, Hannah, and then me? Like what? Well, do you guys wanna know why I missed my deadline? Besides the usual “what am I going to post about?” I have just been dreading writing and publishing this, I have no idea why, just this past week I hated the thought of doing this, thinking people will hate it, that it won’t be good enough. Seriously though, what good will come out of those thoughts? So I have deciding to JUST DO IT!  (I am already feeling better!). I took me matey’s advice (to see Becca’s guest post, click here- https://the3musketeerssite.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/a-note-from-becca-a-girl-filled-with-ambitions/). Well, with all this talking, it is a wonder your ear is still on! ( Yeah, that was horrible, I know xD)

Without further adieu, here is how all your favorite clothes, shoes, books, (GLASSES TOO! UGH), pens, erasers, and your house, go missing!

Have you heard of the black spot? One that Pirates so fear? The one that if you get it you are doomed? And have you heard of a  black hole?  It’s something that NOTHING hardly anything can escape from inside it. I will be bringing these two things together to explain the mystifying disappearance of valuable objects.

My family fears the black spot, for when that little slip of paper is found in your room, you know what is coming. You rush around to make sure you know where your shoes are, you hope that it stays away from your brand new ring, you pray that the black hole won’t decide to take your library book this time. You put your prized necklace in a very safe,  special place, your sure you will never forget, only to find the black hole was hiding there the whole time, or is it that the black hole has gotten into your mind, and stolen the memory of  “where you put that darn thing” from you. Oh, that horrible black spot. I wish that we did not get a warning from it, knowing that one of your dear possessions WILL go missing is worse that it just happening, for you can do nothing about it! ‘What will go this time?’ is all you can think. Oh the dread the  horror. Here goes your glasses, there goes your hairbrush, gone, gone, GONE.  You think you can just hand the paper to your sister? I have tried this, all that will happen is you both lose something.  So, this is how your iPad went missing, the black hole took it! Seriously though, what the heck does the black hole want with an IPad! Who knows, maybe it just likes seeing you suffer, or maybe it’s bored, like I said, who knows?

Yes, if your wondering, I did just lose something. My wonderful dear beautiful black shoes went missing. They had heels about on and a half, or 2 inches high, they were beautiful, and now they are gone! Oh, the horror! Well, now you know what has been going on in your house, it was NOT your sister who stole your new sweater, it was the hole of misery!


Farewell my dear readers, I sincerely hope this black spot does not show up on your door, for if it does, you’re doomed!

P.S Mother, if you are reading this, now you understand what happened! I told you it was not my fault the shoes got lost!! Blame the hole of darkness!






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