A blank post and I am freaking out!

“A blank post and I am freaking out!” I said to a friend. I was writing this very post, or trying to, anyways. The reason my post was blank was because I had gone to my sister’s house to help with the kids, and had not had time to do anything. Also, because of school and getting distracted, I only started writing at 5:50. I  was worried I would not finish on time. Luckily,  I know what to write.  Every big time blogger I have asked, said that they just post about things that have happened to them,. But I was always like, “Nothing interesting is happening! How am I supposed to think of anything interesting to post about?” Well, it was not true, interesting things do happen to me. And sometimes cute things, too.

So, as before said I went to my sister’s house  on Monday (and only got home late Tuesday night) and she has 5 kids. She left four with me and her husband John. She took to the soon-to-be one year old with her. So, as you can imagine, 4 kids, ages 7 years and under can be pretty cute, and funny, and adorable. Aaannnnnnyways, on Tuesday, my mom came up with my two little sisters for the parade that was going on, and John and I took the kids to watch it. As we walked downtown, I was holding my oldest nephew’s hand. His name’s Alexander (or Zander) and he asked me what this or that said, and exclaimed with excitement when he saw the big red fire truck. He was so cute with his darling little smile.

Finally, we found a good spot, and on came the parade. So, any of you guys who have been a parade, youmost likely know how kids always take the candy, and in many cases their parents are helping them? It was different this time, yes, the boys were getting ton of candy. I was thinking about how crazy boys get when they want candy, and suddenly I thought that maybe one of them might accidentally hit me in the nose! Luckily, this did not happen, but my feet did get stepped on once or twice though. Anyway, as I said before, the boys were getting lots of candy, but their dad who was standing beside me, would bend down and scoop a handful up, and offer it to me, my little sisters and nieces and nephews. Which I thought was so refreshing and nice. Once my lil’ sis Elsa asked me to say thank you, I being closer to him, and when I did, he said smiling, “You’re welcome, my boys are in the front, and I don’t want them to pick all the candy, so I am trying to share it!” The  boys protested, saying it wasn’t their fault, and the oldest boy, aged 12 or 11 (I think), was embarrassed, and offered candy to my group.

OKAY! JUST WOOOOOOW! Woah, there was this one thing that was just so amazing! Like WOW! People played Carol of the Bells with real bells! This could seem boring to other people, but not I, seeing as I have trouble with timing, and tunes. BUT WHOA! This was my favorite part of the parade.

It was so wonderful and sweet to hear the oohs and ahs of my little nieces and nephews.

On the way home, I got the kiddos, and my not-so-little sister Elsa to sing along with me. Yes, even though I hate singing in public, and I am not so great at it, I sang!  And guess what? Other people joined in, not a ton, but they did!


Well, I guess this is the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Love your friend



P.S Okay, guys. Do you know what is so relaxing and wonderful? Reading “A Christmas Carol” with a hot tea on a rainy December day. JUST DO IT! SO GREAT!



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