Hello Everybody!

I sort of have to rush this post, so, today’s post is going to be showing you my shoes. Weird, but fun at the same time! Some of them I don’t really wear, like my heels. I really just like to own them, not wear them. And for my others, you can find any outfit to go with them because they’re basic. Enjoy this strange blog post!



I got these at Walmart


I got these at Payless shoe store


I got these at Payless


I got these at Michaels craft store and drew on them. I got the idea on Pinterest.


I got these at Payless (We ALWAYS get our shoes there!)


I got these at Walmart IMG_6285.jpg

I got these at Payless ( Are you getting tired of the name, now?) ;P


Got these at Payless. Aren’t they so cute? I never wear them.


The two pictures of heels below I got from some people



My hand is in the one. I couldn’t make them stand still. 😉


Last but not least, are my FAVORITE boots ever!!!! I LOVE these!!!!! Perfect for all winter outfits!!!!



My feet are really wide, so I have different sizes for each pair of shoes. (Yes, it’s pretty hard. You have a small variety when it comes to wide feet.) My sizes range from six and a half, to eight and a half. It’s pretty strange.

                         WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE(S) PAIR OF SHOES?

Comment below!

I hope you enjoyed my weird post!



8 thoughts on “Shoes?

  1. Hello, Nathaniel here.

    Just popped on the blog to read because Emma has been asking me every so often if I have read the blog, now I can say yes. However, this is not why I posted this comment. I was scanning through and noticed something, the laminate flooring in the pictures. It is the same flooring as the kitchen from our old house. This may seem a bit random, but I just thought that it was a cool fun fact that I found out.

    (P.S. Yes, Emma has tried to get me to do a guest post on here, but I don’t have much to contribute to a blog written by girls as I’m a boy. :P)



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