Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Hello All!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a great one filled with food, family, and fall! With Thanksgiving behind us, I’m starting to look forward to Christmas!

This afternoon, my family and I got out our Christmas decorations so we can sort them out before putting them up in a few weeks. This process always involves lots of discussion of how we should sort the ornaments, which ones we should use, and where we should put them. This is one of the many conversations we had.

Me Automatically Taking Charge: “These need to go in the garage. Those two boxes need to go back up in the attic. Trey, take these down to the garage.”

Trey, my older brother, taking the pile of wreaths from me: “We all know who Anna’s going to be for Christmas! Clara!(My older sister, who usually enforces decorating skills and techniques)

Therese returning from a trip to the place where spiders and deflated basketballs lurk. (a.k.a. the garage): Wait, we’re dressing up as characters for Christmas? When did that happen?”

Trey shaking his head: “How did you get that idea?” Leaves still shaking his head.

Me: “Caroline, what are you doing?”

Caroline, my 8-year-old sister, pulling boxes open and ruffling through tissue wrapped ornaments: “I need to find my heart with my name on it! Margaret said that if we did anything bad, it would be smashed. She almost smashed Therese’s last year!”

Therese protesting loudly from behind a pile of boxes: “I didn’t do anything bad last year! Margaret was just joking!”

That is pretty much the extent of our conversation this afternoon. Remember to press Widgets and subscribe!




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