My goings on of late!

Hey wonderful readers! So, I want to update you all on my life ( And my family’s doings!) for the weeks gone bye, and days yet to come!

So I drew a diving bird yesterday.  And that was fun! What do you think?


Sometime last week, I finished this amazing series, called the inheritance cycle, I probably told you all about that, and I think my friends are glad I have finished it, because I kept talking about it! xD

Oh, yes, here is wonderful news! Yesterday I fond out I get the whole week off from school because of Thanksgiving, IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING FEELING!! No school! I am thankful for Thanksgiving!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, MY  FAMILY IS COMING OVER! Oh the Bliss is to much for me!

Also, I layered my hair, all on my own! I am really happy with the effect, when I layered it, my hair got wavy, witch is something I always wanted my hair to be like. Though, now that I look at old pictures of me, I kinda miss the way my hair used to be. Also, My hair was perfect for the plays I am going to act in, so I am growing it out again!

Also, I FOUND OUT WHAT PLAY MY SHAKESPEARE GROUP IS DOING THIS SUMMER! A merchant in Venice. I want to be Portia , so any prayers would be extremely helpful!

As for writing, yesterday I wrote this poem, witch is kinda childlike, but I hope you guys will like it anyway! Here it is!                                                             “I mutter to myself, as I think of a poem. Could I use Jeroboam.                        No, is that even a word? I looked it up, it a word,I am such a nerd!                     Hum drum  Diddle dome, I hum to myself. Could I write about a shelf?        Oh, for Pete’s sake , this is hard! I could never be a good bard!                            Wait, I have done what i intended. i have written a poem, I guest now me quest is ended!

So there you have it! My weird poem!

I took a nice walk with my Dad and my two little sisters the other day, it was so nice! I ABSOLUTELY JUST LOVE  AUTUMN! My Dad is a really good photographer. here is a picture he took awhile back  20151029_185002

Is that not beautiful?

My lil’ sis Elsa wants to be a photographer when she grows up! Also a writer. As for my ambitions, they have stayed the same sense my very first post! A writer, actress, or mom!

Going back to books ( because that’s all I ever talk about xD) I have started reading These Happy Golden Years By Laura Ingalls Wilder  for the 8th time! You guys probably think I am crazy, and your right, I know a ton about her family. ( the good news is that if I ever have to write a report about Laura, I’ll got %100 ;D) But seriously, its an amazing book! If you have not, check her out! If you don’t, I’ll pray your mom makes you read her for school! lol, jk!

Right now, I want to tell the whole world what I am getting my friends for Christmas, but than they’d find out, so I can’t. I WISH I COULD! I  am really bad a keeping secrets! I bet my friends will be pestering me from this moment on, but I still insist on saying this on my blog post.Yes, everyone who is thinking that I am a weirdo, you all have it right!

Umm, so what else has been going on in my life recently?  Oh, yes, I have been listening to these songs a lot, you should really look ’em up! First                                                                                                      

I have recently found out that I love answering our  blog emails. So if you guys have anything to say, or ask, just email us, it really is no bother to read and answer your emails! So, what has been going on in your life lately? Comment or email us at

This is all for now, but I hope you enjoyed this post. It has been such a pleasure writing it for you all!

Love you friend,                                                                                                                 ~Emma

P.S Something that I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving is all my wonderful readers!







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