Top 10 favorite hairstyles

Hello everyone!


Today, I’m going to show you my  hairstyle Pinterest finds. They’re my absolute FAVORITE hairstyles, and I love trying them on my hair.

Ok, so I do admit, it’s a real pain to have long hair, especially when it’s thick like mine. But ok, having long hair for these hairstyles, I think I will offer this up. ;P

When it comes to hair, it’s a real pain to take care of, even sometimes with short hair. You have to wash, comb, and make it look decent. We all get lazy in doing that, but it makes our hair look great and presentable anywhere. Some people don’t even comb they’re hair and they look like tumble weeds. (yes, that’s me, sadly. Trying to work on that! ) It’s very difficult, but really makes you look like you care. That doesn’t mean to be vain and start spending hours in front of the mirror fixing it, although we all been through that many times. If you’re curling your hair for let’s just say a wedding or prom, then that’s fine, too. But remember to look like the girl God wants you to be. It would be good to make your hair look decent. After all, He made it for you and would want you to take care of it.

So, below are some pictures of very pretty feminine hairstyles that don’t take a lot of time, but really make you look elegant and not sloppy.

Before I go on to the hairstyles, I just wanted to suggest to you this shampoo for you guys. They’re the cheapest ones in the store, and it really helps a lot. I’m telling you, I still don’t have any split ends, and my hair is still growing! It also makes your hair smell amazing.  Introducing…..


*drum roll*







Ok, now, let’s get to the hairstyles! XD

























Aren’t these so pretty? I’m sorry they’re just pictures but not directions. Here’s a hairstyling blog address and maybe you could find these there. If not, You’ll find other gorgeous ones.

Here it is:

I hope you enjoyed this!

What are your favorite hairstyles? Any shampoo recommendations?

Remember to comment below.







6 thoughts on “Top 10 favorite hairstyles

  1. I definitely know what the long, thick hair is like!!! Some days I love mine and other days I want to chop it off!! Sadly I can’t do hairstyles on myself very well. Not much more then a simple braid and a few buns. But I have 3 little sisters who have gorgeous hair that I can do fabulous styles on……especially Elven hairstyles.

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