Best feelings


Best feelings!

  1. Getting a new book, and opening it for the first time. (I am so excited for Christmas!)
  2. The way old books look and smell! ( Yes, I smell books, don’t judge my book nerdy self!)
  3. Finishing a series for the first time.( This is a bittersweet moment for me, but still good!)
  4. Finishing a good blog post, or short story! (This is a wonderful feeling! It’s just so nice to feel like you have accomplished something amazing!)
  5. Getting comments on my blogs! ( This really is a sweet feeling, your comments just let me know that my work is appreciated and liked!)
  6. Getting idea’s for a fairy tale, or short story! ( YESS! Such an amazing feeling!!!!!!!)
  7. Finishing school early!( I love it when you know you have the rest of the day to relax!)
  8. Sitting in a freshly cleaned and organized bedroom. ( This makes me feel clean and organized too!)
  9. Coming out of confession with a clean heart.( Yeah, this is one of the best feelings! I remember that when I had my first confession, I felt like I could run all over the place without getting exhausted)
  10. Getting a letter in the mail after I have had a long day. ( Never underestimate the value of a handwritten letter!)
  11. When your bigger siblings and your parents tell you they are proud of you! ( DO I even need to explain this one?)
  12. Getting the part you want in a play! ( this has actually never happened to me yet, but I can’t wait tell it does! I know It will feel amazing!
  13. Having your director tell you that you are her loudest actor! ( My director told me this! I was so thrilled! I am not sure you can imagine what it felt like!!!)
  14. Looking up from a book, and seeing my sisters crocheting, and other people reading.( I feel like we are all together, while we are doing our own things, it’s such a cozy feeling!)
  15. Sitting by the fire, while reading (xDDD)
  16. Making new friends! ( the best is when your instant friends! I think the best thing that came out of my acting is Hannah and Anna, and all my other friends! Also, I love it When my older sister plans dances, because I make friends there to!)
  17. Looking at the stars. (The stars make me feel so peaceful,and happy,in a silent way.)
  18. Playing for hours outside, or playing until dark.( It is so nice to be called into dinner, and just be together as a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  19. Family get together’s.(My family is so weird, funny and insane! If you were ever to watch us, I don’t know what you’d think!)
  20. Seeing the first snowflakes fall. ( Ahhh, such a magical feeling!)
  21. Coming in from the snow and drinking hot coco, freshly made on the stove! ( This one is peaceful, relaxed, and a joyous feeling.)
  22. Christmas eve! ( Near Christmas time, me and my family get this, wonderful, wiggly, squiggly, happy, comfy feeling inside us, that is just so hard to describe.) 

So here you have it, some things that just make me feel wonderful! What makes you guys feel wonderful?

Love, your friend



8 thoughts on “Best feelings

  1. Great post!! I loved reading it! These are all great feelings! Christmas is coming so soon! It’s hard to believe! It felt like this year has gone by so quickly!! 🙂



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