What’s in my bag?

Hey guys!


First of all, do you think we post too much? If we’re crowding your inbox, just let us know.

Today I’m going to tell you what I have in my purse that I think would be good for any teenager, who loves to put a lot of things in their purse, but doesn’t have enough room. (That was definitely me!). So, before I talk about it, I just want to thank all the people who commented, subscribed, and just looked at our posts. It means so much to us to know that you enjoy reading what we write. (Type.)

I LOVE purses and accessories! I had so many things to put inside my FAVORITE messenger bag I got from my relatives 2014. (I still use it!). Then, when I had a lot, I had to think about what to do. Oh no! That was the part I hated. So, I guess I had to take some stuff away from my purse. Right now I’m happy as ever because there’s room and I put the stuff  that I really needed for myself in there. I guess every girl has always put the “just in case” accessories. I did that, then I realized I really didn’t need it and it was taking a lot of space in my purse. Anyways, enough with the talking, I’m going to tell you what I have in my purse.

(BTW, this picture is my real purse with my stuff.)

1. Wallet (duh!)

2. Breath mints

3. Hand sanitizer

4. Sunglasses (never really use them, but could be useful. I don’t drive yet, but for the ones that do, then I recommend you have some.)

5. Handkerchiefs

6. Mini mirror

7. Notepad and pen

8. First aid kit? ( got one from my dad’s bring your kid to work day.)

9. Cell phone ( I don’t have one yet, but when I do get one, of course I’m going to put it inside!)

And that’s it, all in my messenger bag. So, yeah. Any other items I forgot? Ones that are more important? Well, I guess that’s it! Hope you liked this post! Remember to subscribe and comment! Remember, we’re always interested in guest posting!




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