What We Would Be Like On A Trip

Hello all!

Originally, I was going to do a blog post about something completely different but as I was scrolling through some pictures one of them popped out and gave me an idea(not literally, of course.). So with out further ado.

What Hannah, Emma, And Anna Would be Like On A Trip: An inside look on what we would be like on our own in a strange place.

From Left to Right: Me(Anna), Emma, and Hannah


Hannah: Makes sure she doesn’t step on anything gross and ruin her shoes. They cost her twenty dollars.

Emma: Smiles because she’s happy that she finally got off the plane. She was sitting at the end of the row of seats and Hannah and I were constantly crawling over her to go to the bathroom. Most of the time just to check our hair.

Me: “Oh, look, there’s food! I’ve heard that all the food is gross here but that looks really good! We should buy some.” (Hannah claims that food is all I think about.)

From Left To Right: Emma, Me, and Hannah


Me: “We are so good! Look how much stuff we got!” Pumps arm up and down for effect.

Hannah: “Anna! You pulled my hair! (This actually happens more often then you think.) ” We need to go back to the hotel and do a photo shoot.”

Emma: “Yes! I know exactly where we should do it! This is going to be so much fun!” Starts running toward our hotel.

From Left To Right: Random Person, Hannah, Emma, and Me


Emma: “Look, I can’t believe that is humanly possible!” Points to a strange car.

Me: Snickers “Wow. Hannah, you have to see this.” Reaches over an grabs the girl who’s walking next to me only to realize that it’s not Hannah. “Sorry, I thought you were my friend. Not that you aren’t my friend. Just….I’m sorry….bye.” Grabs Hannah and Emma and marches across the street, narrowly avoiding being hit by a truck.

Hannah: “What? I wasn’t paying attention. Anna, where are we going?” Trips almost falls as I tug her across the crosswalk.

Well, that’s a quick look at what I think it would be like if the three of us went on a trip together. See you later!



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