Guest post by Amanda

Hey guys! My name is Amanda, and I blog about life as a teen girl over at  Most of my posts are either extremely funny or extremely poignant.  Make sure to hop on over there and say hi!  I love hearing from new readers.

Today I’d just like to write a post on different types of friends. I watched a video on YouTube that inspired this post, so I can’t totally take credit for this awesome idea.

The Clown – We all have the friend who walks into the room and people just wanna laugh.  Not because they look funny or anything—they just have this rainbow-colored aura of mirth.  Anything they say is funny, whether they’re the extremely sarcastic kinda funny or the just plain funny funny.

The Giraffe/Leprechaun – Because everyone’s just gotta have a super tall or super short (cough, cough, that would be me) friend!

The Homemaker – You know, the girl who cooks and bakes and washes dishes.  The one who will make the perfect wife someday.  Unlike me, who could burn water.

The Texter – Her main mode of communication is texting and, when you see them in person, they act totally different!  Like you haven’t been texting them all week.

The Athlete – The cross country runner, generally.  You know, the one who whom I’m just running with for fun.  Well, I’m running.  They’re sprinting.  I’m gasping and choking on CO2.  They’re singing Disney princess songs without even stopping for breath.

The Social Media Girl – Yup, she has Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube and she posts on them all constantly.  And has like a million followers!

The Beauty Guru – If only I had the magical dexterity their fingers do.  Perhaps one day—but for now, I leave the eyeshadow where it is.

The Bipolar/Moody Girl – One day they’re beaming and hugging you, the next they’re moaning and falling asleep during class.  Yup, that’s girls for you.

The Newspaper – She knows how, where, when, and why.  She knows everyone’s last name, favorite color, and street address.  She basically knows everything.

Which one of these are you? I’m thinking I’m a clown/leprechaun.

Comment below and let me know which friend you are! Thanks for reading!


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