Fall/Winter Lotion and perfume suggestions

Hey Everybody,

I hope you’re having a good Monday so far! Lately, it’s been getting colder and colder of course. So, I know that my lips are getting chapped, and my skin is getting dry; and now is the time to start wearing lotion. Today, I’m going to be showing you the lotions, and perfumes that I use to help. Let me tell you, it really does make your skin more soft. (I mean the lotion.) Also, for fun, I wanted to add my favorite perfumes of the Fall. Here they are:


1. Simple pleasures peppermint swirl hand lotion


2. Cherry blossom scent body lotion


3. Jergens extra dry skin moisturizer


4. Pretty in Paris body cream



1. Intimate secret vanilla/brown sugar


2. White citrus Bath and body works


3. Be enchanted


I hope you enjoyed these suggestions! You should really try these! What are your favorites?

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Have a great day!


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14 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Lotion and perfume suggestions

  1. It’s so fun going to Bath & Body Works and smelling all the lotions/perfumes! Of the above scents, I’ve only tried White Citrus, which I like because the scent isn’t overpowering. Great post!



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