Do It Your Self

Usually I’m not very crafty. I leave that to other people. This week, though, I decided to try and transform a party favor I got a few months ago when I went to a friends house to watch “Cinderella”. I’m really pleased with the result and wanted to share it with you!

For the past month, I’ve been planning on painting this shoe and I finally got around to it this week! It literally took me twenty minutes!


Step 1: Pick out a blue paint your shoe. I did two coats but it’s up to you how many to do.


Step 2: Once the paint dries, coat the shoe in glue(I used a glue stick and it was super easy.) and roll it in glitter. I had to scoop some of the glitter on to some of the hard to reach spots like around the heel.


And voilá! You have a sparkling Cinderella shoe!

Here’s the ballroom dance scene! This was my favorite part of the whole movie by a long shot.

See you later!




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