Who offended the wind today?

Hey dear peoples! Well, for this weeks post I decided to share a little poem like story that I wrote a few months back!! I posted it in my other blog, but I decided I’d share it here two!! I really hope you like it! It was kinda a windy day, and a door slammed, pushed by the wind, so all of the sudden POW, an idea for a, er, um, I don’t really know whatta call it. How about you give me an Idea either in the comments or email! ( I say email, because I know sometimes when I try to comment on other blogs, it won’t let me comment unless i do this thing or the other!) Well, enough mindless blathering! Here is the…poetic story?

wind for blog

Who offended the wind today?

Who offended the wind today? Someone must have, for the wind came stomping in today.

He slammed the door shut, he rushed through the trees.

I ask again, who offended the wind today?

He was roaring like a lion. I’d like to ask, Mr wind why are you so upset?

Mr wind, what made you knock down the little bird in the bird-bath? 

He pulled at the grass, he insulted the daisies in the daisy patch.

He picked up the fallen leaves and threw them up high.

Who offended the wind today?

I’d like to ask, Mr wind, would you like to come in?

You could tell me your troubles.

I asked.

He only flew away.

Who offended the wind today?

Copyright Emma Louise Kathleen August 26 2015

Well, there you have it!!!! Tell me what you think in the comments, or, as before said, in an email!

Have a good day!

~Love your friend



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