Little book of quotes!

Hiya friend people! Sorry, but this post is gonna be a bit shorter than the norm! ( But than again, you may be glad, my last post was like a mile long!) But, this time my post is not related to “simply me”! About time, I know!                                                              Well, enough chitter chatter! I have a project for you all! I recently started writing down my favorite quotes in a book. Why?, you may be asking yourself, well, I’ll tell you! Do any of you ever feel like you just can’t continue with school? Or that you need a few  inspirational words to help you do something creative? Maybe you want something you can relate too? Or even, for some unknown reason, you want to read something maybe just a little sad?  Because I sometimes want to, and that is my reason! I first saw an idea something like this one G+, just a bit different! So I changed the idea to make My book of, Dreams, Happiness, quotes, hope, and maybe a touch of sadness. 

20151028_170454                                                        (Sorry about the pick, i can’t get it to go right side up!)

All you need is any blank book/notebook.  


Quotes to fill it with, and a pen to write with!  I didn’t fill it all in one sitting, I’m still working on it! It is really nice to sit and listen to music ( Maybe eating delicious candy your aunt sent you from Canada!) while filling your book with quotes, on a rainy day! (Boy has it been rainy around where I live, and cold two!) This quote book is great for me! I love to read quotes, and this way I can do it without spending hours upon hours on the internet! That is where I get the quotes, ( well most of ‘em but be careful where you look, there could be bad words!! If you have G+ you can look up Words of Wisdom, they have some nice quotes!

Well, That’s it! ( I feel weird writing such a short post! lol) I hope this gives you something to do in this wet weather  which keeps us from going outside!

Now, before I go, here is a quote you can put on the first page! ( If you want, that is!)


Thank you all for taking the time to read this post!  Also, here is the link to my other blog, Just incase you wanna check it out!   

Love, your friend  




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