20 Favorites!


Hello Everybody,

I decided that for today’s post I’m going to play the game favorites. It’s very simple. All I do is answer the question, what is your favorite_____? Me and my family always play this game at the dinner table after we go someplace like a party, vacation, etc. So, I hope you Find my answers interesting. Enjoy!

  1. What is your favorite pet you ever had? – I think that my favorite pet I ever owned is my cat. Her name is Isabella and she’s 12 years old, a grumpy thing and there’s a lot to love about her. (Like seriously.) ;p
  2. Favorite meal out ever? – I know this sounds weird, but I never really went out and had something like really fancy, so I would probably a meal at Panera is just the best! 😀
  3. Favorite food I cooked? -ummmm, does bake count? I don’t really cook so I would say the suger cookies. A recipe I got from the Duncan Hines website.
  4. Favorite movie of all time? – Oh my goodness, this is SO hard! But of course, I must decide so I would probably say the first Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Favorite Book of all time? – Probably the hunger games books. I’m still reading the first one. ;p
  6. Favorite artist? – I think Ed Sheeran. I love his music! He’s such a good songwriter.
  7. Favorite song? – ohhhhhh wow……probably Eveything has changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.
  8. Favorite Vacation? – Definitely Disney world. I liked the first time I went.
  9. Best entertainment we ever paid for? – We went to a futbol game in Bank of America stadium. It was teams from different countries. Paris St. Germain vs. Chelsea. It was AMAZING!!!!
  10. The closet call I ever had? – Almost falling into a shark tank. Like a real one. For real. 😮
  11. Favorite flower? – I really love roses! Plus, it’s the flower of the month I was born in. June.
  12. Best hair day? – Uh, I really don’t know. Actually either at a Shakespeare play or when I curled it without a lot of hair spray.(Last time I tried to curl my hair, I put to much hairspray because I was worried it would fall out, but my hair ended up feeling like really hard straw.)
  13. My favorite piece of jewelry? – I would have to say my Paris charm bracelet I got from Clares. It’s so cute. The main colors are gold and light pink. It’s really cute and I never really wear it.
  14. Best present you ever got? – well, I think my iPod, but I gave that always because the fun just died out and I didn’t want to be addicted to it. It was pretty annoying after a while. But I first got it, I was so excited.
  15. Favorite perfume? – I love Intimate Secret. My friend got it for me on my birthday.
  16. Favorite Oder? – um, there’s a lot but my favorite is probably lavender laundry detergent.
  17. Favorite ice cream? – Orange sherbet and chocolate.
  18. Person(s) that make me laugh the most – Probably my brother Michael and my sister Catherine.
  19. One type of foods I can eat my while life? –  bread and cheese
  20. Favorite people and teams of sports- I love futbol (soccer) and I love the Olympic ice skating, especially when Meryl Davis and Charlie White skate together. Oh! And Gracie Gold!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this! Now, did you find it interesting? Remember to comment, subscribe and tell people about this blog! Thanks and see ya next week!




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