An Aspiring Writer

So, once again, I shall borrow an idea from my first post, “Simply me”, or rather, two ideas wrapped into one.  The ideas I’ll be choosing, are, my love of writing, and a fictional story. I really hope you enjoy this, please tell me what you think, I’m not afraid of a tough critic, you’ll all help me get better! A writer cannot become a great writer by herself! (Or himself!) No indeed, we may be able to become good writers, but we need someone to help us improve our style, and thus, become great writers.

                                             Chapter one:dreams don’t come true!


One crisp fall evening, a beautiful, wonderful, imaginative, with no reason to feel bad about herself,  seventeen year old girl, Vera Elisabeth Quinn, sat at her window desk, in her bedroom. Her soft chestnut hair sprawling all ever her shoulders, a silent tear falling on her left cheek. Vera, who was, by nature, a writer, was having trouble thinking of a good plot, and thinking good things about herself. There is no doubt about it, she thought, I have writer’s block. I never, no, not in a million years did I think it would happen to me. I thought I would become as famous as J.R.R Tolkien, or C.S. Louise. Or .L.M. Montgomery, or Louisa May Alcott. But know I see, even when I can think of a decent idea and carry it out, they are never as good as theirs. I will never be as good as Christopher paolini, ot Laura Ingalls Wilder! Oh, heavens, what am I to do, if I cannot follow my dream! Vera thought bitterly. for the good part of an half hour, Vera thought her depressing thoughts without interruption. But, at last, Vera’s little sister,fifteen year old Iris came in, and kept Her bigger, and Beloved sister from thinking anymore thoughts, such as the ones Vera had been thinking.

  “Vera! Guess who’s here! Peter, and he-, oh, vera what is the matter! can I help?” Vera sighed, knowing there was no way to deny that she had been crying.

“Yes, actually, don’t tell anyone I’ve been crying. Least of all Pete.” Vera looked imploringly at Iris, “and leave.” she added, somewhat harshly. but, befor you judge her for being rude to her younger sister, who just wants to help, think back to the last time you cried, did you want someone watching you, and talking to you, demanding answers for all their tiresome questions??? I thought not…

“No, I don’t think you should stay here very long by yourself, you’ll just feel gloomy. You don’t have to tell me anything, but I’ll listen, if you by any chance wanna talk.” Five minute passed without a word from either of them, just companionable silence, Vera wiped away her last tears, and sighed inwardly. Why does Iris have to be so caring.. I just want to be ALL alone. But will she let me? I think not. Well, I cannot stay up here forever, especially not when P___ When we have company.

“I’ll tell you later Iris, but for now, I’ll come down, I just need to,” Vera gestured meaningfully to her face. “What should we tell them?” She asked, a worried tone in her voice.

“Not to worry, I’ll tell them you fell asleep in your PJs, and it took me awhile to wake you up, and now you wanna get dressed! They’ll understand!” Iris turned to the door, but stopped, looked over her shoulder, took up a serious expression, and said, “          

“Hurry up though, I bet Peter wants to see you really soon”  And then ran out lickety split, her blond curls flying behind her. Vera, feeling embarrassed, hurried indeed, lest Iris got the chance to make such a statement to Pete. She ran to her bathroom, splashed water on her hot cheeks, put her glasses on, looked into the mirror, hopping she didn’t look to red in the face,

“Nope,” she said to herself, “One more washing should do it” again she rinsed her face, still not pleased, she fixed her hair up, twirling pieces here and there, to give it more of a wavy look. Finally, her tearstained face was presentable, if she put on her most believable smile. And so, feeling nervous, for who knew if Iris’ plan had worked, went down the stairs.

The first sound she heard was laughter, her Father’s rumbling chuckle,  Iris bubbly giggle. And Peter’s quick loud one laughter.

“What’s so funny?” she cried merrily down the stairs.

“Come down and find out!” Answered Peter, just as merrily.

“Okay” Vera said as she skipped down the stairs.and so, for the next hour or so the whole Jolly group, from Vears father, all the way down to Amelia, the three year old baby of the family, laughed at one joke to another.. Vera looked happily around the living room,  including the parents, there were ten people in the family, nineteen year old Jefferson ( Whom people called Jeff, and when you really wanted to get him angry, Jeffy boy) who was the oldest ‘child’ in the family.With dark blue eyes, (that seemed to sparkle)and brown hair, that was almost black, Jeff was the spitting image of his father,and, also like his father, he was a wizz at math, somthing Vera always envied him for!

Then came Vera, who, as forsaid, was seventeen,as for her looks, she thought she was an ugly old creature, with nothing to be praised, but, that was only her opinion, everyone else thought she was beautiful, at the least. But, more to come on that latter.

Then came Iris ( who did indeed look like a younger version of her mother), fiteen year old Iris, whose eyes were a little like the flower she was named after, just a touch of golden around the  pupil, which then, turned to a blue, that actually looked more pureple than blue, and her blond curls, which refused to stop flying around everywhere. Iris, like Vera.  After Iris was the twins, Ellie and Joseph. Who were twelve, they both had hair like Peter’s, but Ellie’s eyes where a light, clear beautiful blue, whereas Joseph ( Or Joe) had forest green eyes.After them came Tom, (who was named after his father ) who was nine, with blond hair like Iris’,And brown, mischievous looking eyes. Lucy is next, a cute five year old girl, with divine red curly hair, lovely blue eyes.and now for the baby of the family, Amelia, with hair so like Lucy’s, but even curler! Amelia’s eyes were also blue!! Vera often marveled that, even though red hair and blue eyes was extremely rare, they had had two girls with red hair and blue eyes!!!

  “Who’s up for a walk?” Asked Pete, “we still have about an hour and a half of daylight,maybe we can make it to the park!” A chorus of “I want to, can I come?” followed Peter’s suggestion. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, but I think Lucy, Amelia and I better stay home, it is almost their bedtime,but I do I hope you have fun!” Said Mrs Bianca Barringer. Mr Tom Barringer also declined the offer, saying he wanted to catch a bit of ‘The game’, before he went to bed.

“Alright then! Tommy,Ellie, Joe, Iris, jeff,” flashing his big grin, he added “ And Vera, the famous writer of the family, are y’all up to it?” Vera’s smile which had a-lighted her face ever since she had come down, now flattered, and she had to fight to keep it there.

“No”, aweserd Jeff glumly, “I have some more college applications to fill out, so I’ll be staying home, gosh I wish I was coming with you all!” Other than Jeff, everyone said they were ‘up to it’, so they made their way to the town park.  





When they were at the park, the group split up and went their own way, the twins went to swing together, and Tommy went to the monkey bars, and Iris, who had grabbed a book before they had left for the park, went to a nearby tree to read, and so Peter and Vera sat on a bench to watch the kids play.

“How’s the writing going?” inquired Pete.

“Horrible!” Awesered Vera.

“What ever do you mean?”

‘I cannot think of an okay storyline let a good one! I thought I could be good at one thing! But, oh was I wrong!! My dream won’t come true!” Vera surprised herself, why was she being so open with Pete? the only other people she ever talk to about her writing, was Iris and Jeff! “No, you were not wrong at all, except in one respect, that you could be good at ‘only one thing’ you are very good at many things, especially writing! Never say you’re horrible!dream will come true, given enough practice.” “No, your wrong! I will never, can never be good at writing! I don’t understand why, but my dream won’t come true! Maybe no one’s dreams come true!”

“No, your wrong! I will never, can never be good at writing! I don’t understand why, but my dream won’t come true! Maybe no one’s dreams ever come true!”

“Your wrong, and I’ll prove it, dream certainly do come true, here I’ll start a sentence, and I’ll  guarantee you will be able to do something with it! Once, in a land faraway, and icy, there lived a,” npw you start were I stopped.” Vera rolled her eyes, she did not believe Peter, but she did what he told her. At first she blabbed out a few boring sentences, but then an idea came to her, and she just had to carry it out. She told him of a faraway land, she took him over mountains, and under water, she talked and talked telling him of daring people, she spun a wondrous story. Peter was transfixed, he looked at her with such wonder, her hair blow in the breeze, her eyes sparkled with a thrilled sense of adventure. Her voice was smooth, and gentle, bringing her tale alive. Sometimes, when Vera looked up, she blushed, to see Peter looking at her in that way of his, and she had to pause for a minute to assemble her thoughts. Finally, Vera had to stop, for it was time to go home. Peter threw up his hands!

“Vera! I told you so! That was flipping amazing! You were great, Vera,” Pete pushed back the urge to call her dear, “ dreams do come true!” Vera blushed happily in thanks.


That night, Vera really did feel like dreams came true, and she fell asleep in blissful happiness, and she dreamed many an inspiring dreams. Vera now believed she could be whatever she wanted to be.    

SOOOOOO SORRRRRRY THIS IS SOOOOO LATE!!!!! I promise I did not forget, it just took longer to write than I expected!! Well, what did you think?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!? I hope you all liked it! Do you think I should continue the story??? If so, I will post a new chapter on the last wednesday of every month! ( I know today is not the last wednesday, But who cares?) Either email us, or comment whether you think I should continue this book, also, if you have any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear ‘em!  

Also, please tell others about this blog!

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