Lovable, Relatable, People.

So, you remember how in my first post( which was a whole week ago! WOW! Where has the time gone?) I said that  I ABSOLUTELY ADORE READING! ( In my opinion, the easier the book makes you cry and laugh the better it is!!)?

well, I decided I would explain how/why I feel that way.

First off, I’ll tell you what I mean by ‘Lovable.’

When characters are, pretty ( or handsome in some cases!), honest, sweet, and honestly, they are not perfect.And you Just can’t explain why, but you just LOVE them. That is what I mean, I guess. (Man, it is kinda hard to explain what I mean about lovable!)

And, now for ‘Relatable.’

What I mean is this: They get into sticky situations. have problems. They actually feel the same way about things that you do, like you both think fractions are the worst, but you have to learn about them anyway. :p And you both care about. ( Well, that was certainly easier than ‘Lovable’ 😉 )

Now, lastly, but certainly not leastly ‘People.’

Okay, so what makes the ‘Characters’ actual people in our minds is, (This kinda ties in with ‘Relatable’ they are basically the same thing!! ;P ) that they make mistakes, they hate, and love. They cry, they laugh, sometime have BIG  crushes who do NOT like them back. people hate, and love them two. And, basically, the fact that they are not perfect, makes you feel closer to them, because you can ‘Relate’ ( haha) to them, because, let’s face it, NO ONE is perfect,( Except for Mary, Jesus but you know what I mean!) and honestly, I’m glad about that, because then, nobody would be unique. You know? I really like how everyone is different!

And that is how writers manage to make me cry and laugh along with his or her’s creations. I like it when a writer can move me so much.

And, that is how I plan to make my characters, Lovable,Relatable,People.

And, in the future, whenever I post a story, would you all mind telling me how I did? Thanks in advance.

Now, befor I go, I remembered some stuff about “Simply me” that I cannot believe I forgot!

I Love music, practically all kinds!

Especially Elvis Presley’s songs!!!! And I scorn anyone who says he’s weird looking or his voice is too weird!! How even??? It’s a sham he died so young T-T

I also like to draw. I got an amazing new art set for my birthday a few weeks ago! 

I Often say dear me, or, oh bother, which everyone thinks is weird, and I guess it is, it’s just hard to stop! But, being weird ( that is, most of the time) is not so bad! Embrace your quirks!

Well, I hope I have given you something nice to read!

Have a good day, month, year, and life!!

Love, your new friend ( right?),




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