‘Simply Me’

                                                                                                      Simply me’                

Hey guys! This is Emma! So, for my first post, I wanted to kinda introduce myself, and my role for this blog! I know that you already know a bit about me, from the about us page, but really, you do not really know ‘ME’.

First off, I’ll tell you my role(s) for this blog!!! I’ll be kind of like the secretary, which means I’ll be answering any of your emails/questions, unless it is ‘ONLY’ meant for Anna or Hannah to answer!

Other than that, I’m simply here to entertain you with my little life stories, fictional ones two, along with other random stuff you may like! (Well I HOPE you like!!! lol)

I’LL be posting (NEARLY) every Wednesday!

Now, for the ‘Simply me’ part!

Firstly, the most important thing that makes me ‘simply me’ is, my faith! I am a catholic, and pro-life and I’m proud to admit it!

I absolutely LOVE to write, as you will come to know! Especially creative writing, and I am currently taking a course for creative writing! And when my story is finished, I hope to share it with you all! Also, just the other night, I stepped outside, and the chilly air brought an idea to me! So I’ve started a book!

Other than writing, I also like math, though I loath fractions! Bla! I also LOVE HISTORY! It is so interesting! To learn about people from hundreds of years ago, and how they lived, though life was MUCH harder for them than it has ever been for ( most ) of us! It just thrills me! All those people who lived before me, who helped make the world what it is now!

And, even though I love to write, I DESPISE grammar! Bla gah Yuck!

Now, enough talk about school, I’m sure you all have your fill of it EVERYDAY! Time to move on!

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE READING! ( In my opinion, the easier the book makes you cry and laugh the better it is!!)

I love animals! Particularly dogs, horses, and rbih5g5r.jpg!

My aspirations for life is to maybe be a, writer, actress, or mom! But, I am open to whatever God calls me to be!! What’s the point of fighting it, eh?

What I am doing to follow my ambitions, is to write and write and write… A TON! And act during the summer!

I have 12 siblings, I am the third youngest! Yes, sometimes it gets a bit hectic at my house, but I love my family to bits and pieces, I would not give up any of them, for a quieter life, plus, for me, a quiet life would not be as interesting, though sometimes, I do wish I could find a nice place to read! Hahaha! I also have 8 nieces/nephews!!!

Once I took a test to see if the internet could guess my age after I answered a few questions, and it said I was 93!!!! can you believe it! I’m ONLY 13!! SO WEIRD!

as well as this blog, I also have my very own blog! If you wish to see more of my work, than you should check it out! Here is the link http://impressionsofemma.blogspot.com/2015/10/exciting-announcement.html?showComment=1444168547141#c1376057108903296388

Now, that is all I can think to say about myself for now. Writing about myself proved to be harder than I thought!!!!

All of what you have read above, weaves together my personality, my weird quirks as well as my strange ideas and helps you to know “simply me”.

~ Hopefully, your new friend,


P.S I’d love to hear about you all, Please either comment or email us at:  the.3.musketeersgroup@gmail.com

And, Anna is next!!!!


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