Fall Fashion ideas

Hello everybody!


I’m so excited because this is our first offical blog post on here! I get to start it! So, since this is my first post, I decided to share some of my favorite fashions of the Fall that I found on Pinterest. To me it’s my favorite season to dress up because it’s modest and the clothes are very stylish. In the summer it’s hard to find appropiate clothing that’s modest. Fall fashion is so classy and it will never go out of style!

Before I show you my top  favorite fall fashions, let me tell you about my fashion binder that helps me get dressed up and to remember what to wear. It’s just basically a binder that holds my fashions that I print out on Pinterest. When I put them in there, I check off what I have in that outfit. It doesn’t have to be exactly how the outfit looked like. You can change it around a bit, but it really helps a lot! You should try it! 😀


Below are my top  favorite fashions of the fall season. also, if you put ANY of these with a skirt, it would look so pretty, too! Enjoy them!


I alos liked how tunics and sweaters look like with scarves


Maxi dresses(and skirts) are very modest and gorgeous for the fall. they’re perfect for any season. If you put a brown coat on this, it wold look so pretty!


I love flannels! Especially with boots!


Another sweater with a scarf outfit!


Most of these outfits are almost the same.


Of course if it’s cold, just add a sweater or coat to it.


This is a very pretty and modest outfit.


I noticed that these vests are very in this year. I don’t own one like that, but I do own denim one.


Remember, you don’t have to get the same exact pieces of clothing. Mix it up with the clothes you have. 🙂


Love those oxford flats!


Very classy.


Remember, any of these outfits will look great with skirts!


I always liked leopard print.


I’m thinking if this should be a fall or summer outfit. :-/


That outfit looks very comfortable.


I like how simple this outfit is.





I hope you enjoyed these outfits. I hope they give you inspiration. Like I said, they are very comfortable, modest, and would pretty much match any type of outfit. You should try and layer. Simple is very good too! 🙂 Also, as I said on the top, they would look great in skirts.


I hope you enjoyed this first post. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what I was going to post before. ;P I literally just got the idea. I wanted to do fashion this time because it’s one of the things I enjoy. I’m not vey into it, I just like to do what I can. But the most important part of fashion is being modest.

Have a great day and remember to tell your friends and subscribe!



P.s Emma’s post is next!


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